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Slash Icons 100

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This comm is on hiatus until further notice.

Welcome to slash_icons100!

This is an icon challenge community where you claim a certain subject, a slash pairing (m/m or f/f) from a movie or TV show, and make either 50 or 100 icons of that pairing within a certain time limit. The idea is based on icons100 and ships100, but in this community only the same sex pairings are allowed.

[ Claims List | FAQ | Waiting List | Archived Memories | Hall of Fame ]

>> How it works
1) First, join the community. You must be a member to participate.
2) Submit a claim for your subject of choice and then wait to be approved. Please specify both characters, the fandom, and whether you'd like to create 50 or 100 icons.
3) Once approved, you will be given posting access and you may then begin to post icons of your subject.
4) You have 10 weeks to complete the project if you chose 100 icons, and 5 weeks if you chose 50 icons. You don't have to do it all in one go. You may post them in small batches each time (a minimum of 10 or more per post).
5) If you've completed the challenge successfully, comment at the Hall of Fame post to get listed. You will also receive a shiny banner to show off your contribution. Your pairing is then free for the taking again.

If for some reason you realize you won't be able to finish your icons, please leave a comment here. Don't forget to state the fandom/pairing.

>> Rules
-- The subject focus that's allowed in this community are slash pairings (the same sex pairings) from movies or TV shows (no anime/manga). In other words, you may claim Sawyer/Jack from Lost, but not Sawyer/Kate.
-- If you choose to make 100 icons, 30 of those may include individual characters. If you choose 50 icons, then 15. The rest must include both characters.
-- Each person may claim up to two pairings at a time. Additionally, you'll have the same amount of time to complete your icons. So if you've applied for 2 pairings at once, you will still have 10 weeks to complete 200 icons, 5 weeks to complete 100 icons.
-- To prevent "fake claims", you must post at least your first batch within the first 2 weeks of claiming your pairing.
-- Please put your icons behind a cut! You are allowed to preview up to 3 icons outside of the cut. If your icon contains questionable rating content, please post appropriate warnings and place all of those icons behind a cut.
-- All of the icons must be new, made by you and made from scratch.
-- All resources used in the creation of your icons - caps, brushes, textures, gradients, etc - should be credited appropriately.
-- When posting your icons to the community, please do it in this format:
    Pairing: (both characters names, please do not use abbreviations)
    Fandom: (fandom name)
    Batch: (what batch you're on, which number of icons are in that batch, etc.)
    Themes: (if any)
-- Please put some effort into your work. You're here to show your love for your favourite pairing, simply slapping on some text and a basic crop won't be any fun. :)
-- Half of your icons must include the following themes. If you're doing 50 icons you use at least 25 themes (no more than 35), if you're doing 100 you use all 50 themes. Interpret them as you will!

>> Themes

1. Saying goodbye
2. Missing you
3. Outside
4. Inside
5. Cold
6. Hot
7. Regret
8. Taste
9. Touch
10. Skin

11. Tears
12. Smile
13. Jealousy
14. Anger
15. Mine
16. Beautiful
17. Memories
18. Silence
19. Truth
20. Hurt

21. Desire
22. Hope
23. Angst
24. Love
25. Fight
26. Red
27. Gold
28. Blue
29. Green
30. Sepia

31. Purple
32. Orange
33. Black & white
34. Light
35. Water
36. Broken
37. Night
38. Dream
39. Lost
40. Hands

41. Eyes
42. Always
43. Storm
44. Hidden
45. Comfort
46. Denial
47. Together
48. Apart
49. Shades of gray
50. Waiting

If you have any questions, please post it here.

>> Affiliates
icons100 / actor100 / episodic100 / harrypotter100 / icon_alphabet
iconfic150 / starwars_100 / xf100

Finally, please help promote this community and spread the word. :)

The layout & the community icons by literati